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About Us

The DayLight is a nonprofit, environmental news website. Our evidence-based, independent and quality news contents tell you all the happenings across nature’s frontiers and the extractive sector in Liberia. From forestry and fisheries to wildlife conservation and climate change, from renewable energy and land rights to oil/gas and oil palm, we bring you news on everything about the environment you need to know. The DayLight is published by The DayLight Incorporated in Vahnwin Community, Congo Town.

Darkness disappears at dawn and with it all the shady deals. That is exactly where the name The DayLight originates. It is associated with the uncovering of conspiracies, corruption and all forms of crime. But The DayLight also connotes the beauty of the natural world around us and how people can harness it.

As important as the environment and the natural resource sector, it is underreported in Liberia. It is understandable that a national budget hearing, the sacking of a cabinet minister or the deaths of government auditors get the kind of media coverage they have. But if politics is about the redistribution of wealth, there is equally a need for better coverage of the natural resource sector that creates that wealth. So, it is inexplicable that environmental news does not dominate the Liberian newsstand.

So, we want to change that. We want to educate our audience on the important link between the environment and politics. We want to nurture nature and help widen wealth with our wide coverage of people, events, ideas, and animals.

Also, we want to create a debate in Liberia about climate change, the gravest threat facing our planet. Though Africa does not emit that much greenhouse gases as do Europe, Asia and America, countries like Liberia suffer disproportionately from the impacts of climate change. It is our hope that an informed audience will adopt changes that can mitigate the global menace.

In doing everything aforementioned, we want to improve the quality of journalism in Liberia, which has taken a nosedive by its own standards. We want to inspire journalists and would-be journalists to practice good journalism that brings about positive change in the Liberian society, one that promotes democracy and transparency, and that spurs development.

We want to be the voice that fosters sustainable development, equitable distribution of Liberia’s natural resources and human rights.

Mae Azango, Theresa B. Wolo, Borbor Giahyue, James Harding Giahyue, Emmanuel Sherman

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